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    The Iberian Feather is a piece of the Iberian pig, located on the back of the back (see image). This piece of meat has a triangular shape . It is a cut of small size and weighing approximately 100 grams.

    The properties of its muscle fibers are similar to that of the upper part of the ham . It is very tasty on the palate and although little demanded so far, its position next to the pork loin makes it have an excellent texture and quality. It does not require many condiments, but it lends itself to very varied recipes. The pen experiences a recognition, possibly the result of a fashion, but it does not lack good judgment.

    Its consumption in fresh has achieved in recent years a deserved growth of consumption.

    It is mainly used for two functions:

    1. Fresh consumptionseparated from the loin;
    2. stuffed as part of the caneor Iberian pork loin, after cleaning the grease that surrounds it.

    It is also often confused with the Iberian nib or Iberian pen that is a cut with a lot of infiltration of fat that is obtained from the head of the back and is next to the prey. It is a much cheaper piece than the Iberian pen. Very juicy and pleasant taste is ideal for grilling or grilling.   Once roasted the cut would be, as always, perpendicular to the muscle fiber that in this case is very visible thanks to the intramuscular fat.

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  • Deligour guarantee

    Deligour guarantees that all Iberian hams and shoulders are selected one by one by professionals and all of them have been prepared by hand, without added additives or preservatives, with sea salt and cured in natural dryers. Its quality is assured.

    If you have any preference at the point of cure, please indicate it in the comments of the order.

    Buying Iberian ham in Deligour is a guarantee of quality and safety. Deligour does not work with Iberian pieces of Cebo (white bridle), all of them Iberian pigs that have been raised and fed intensively on farms, without ever treading the pasture and living in this way in continuous stress and artificial feeding.

    Deligour ensures and guarantees that all its Iberian products come from Iberian pigs that since birth, have been controlled in all stages of life for maximum quality, living in the freedom of the Dehesa and feeding naturally.

    Deligour also guarantees and ensures that all its pieces are 100% natural, have been prepared and cured naturally in traditional dryers and without any additive or added preservative. Its salting has been with 100% marine salt.

    Only Deligour can ensure that all its Iberian products are 100% natural.