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    The origin of this breed is North American, although at present it is one of the most produced pigs in Europe and more specifically in Spain.
    Currently the Duroc is one of the most used pigs in the production of ham both for crosses with other white coat pigs, and for crosses with Iberian pigs.

    What flavor does it have?

    Although, the first characteristic that stands out is that of being a less juicy meat, this does not obscure the good flavor and taste that this ham presents, which obviously increases according to the level of purity, for which many times, the most mentioned will be the ham Duroc 100% great reserve.It is rich and tasty ideal for family dinners and special occasions .

    What are the characteristics of the Duroc pig breed ?

    1. It is a reddish colored pig witha long coat and a size larger than that of the Iberian pig. Adults usually weigh around 350 kg.
    2. It is one of the few breeds that have a black hoof. This only occurs when they are 100% pure or crossed with Iberian pigs.
    3. Feedingand breeding usually carried out intensively in closed farms and feed.
    4. The cure of the productit depends on the animal’s crossing . It is reduced in pigs crossed with other white coat pigs and higher for 100% Duroc and Iberian pigs .

    Is it Iberian or Serrano?

    The Duroc is Serrano. It is not Iberian . However , we often say that because of its genetic characteristics (it also has the ability to infiltrate fat in the muscle) it resembles the Iberian pig. The latter is unique in its kind. And for that reason it crosses, in spite of not being Iberian, with females of Iberian race and gives place to a pig of Iberian race to 50%.

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  • Deligour guarantee

    Deligour guarantees that all Iberian hams and shoulders are selected one by one by professionals and all of them have been prepared by hand, without added additives or preservatives, with sea salt and cured in natural dryers. Its quality is assured.

    If you have any preference at the point of cure, please indicate it in the comments of the order.

    Buying Iberian ham in Deligour is a guarantee of quality and safety. Deligour does not work with Iberian pieces of Cebo (white bridle), all of them Iberian pigs that have been raised and fed intensively on farms, without ever treading the pasture and living in this way in continuous stress and artificial feeding.

    Deligour ensures and guarantees that all its Iberian products come from Iberian pigs that since birth, have been controlled in all stages of life for maximum quality, living in the freedom of the Dehesa and feeding naturally.

    Deligour also guarantees and ensures that all its pieces are 100% natural, have been prepared and cured naturally in traditional dryers and without any additive or added preservative. Its salting has been with 100% marine salt.

    Only Deligour can ensure that all its Iberian products are 100% natural.