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    Book Cut and presentation of ham and shoulder (in Spanish)
    Apprenez à couper du jambon
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    Official book of the International School of Cutters of Ham in which a technique cultivated after years of experience is revealed, secret after secret.

    It learns to cut ham and palette in an easy and visual way.

    A book, the only one, able to teach step to step, how to cut and present the ham through the benefit of all its parts, so they always want another more.

    You are a consumer and want to cut ham in the afternoon when you get home for a good tapa.

    You are a ham professional and want to know or improve the cutting technique to give your best image. This is the right book.

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    Imagine a book born to revolutionize everything you thought you knew about the cut. All.

    A book in which the roles alternate and it is the ham who takes the floor, who becomes the undisputed protagonist.

    A book in which the figure of the Cutter is rewritten as an ally of the ham, that master hand that makes the product shine and that makes it an object of desire.

    A book that draws on the consumer’s experience, not to meet but to exceed their expectations.


    Chapter 1: Working ham with a knife

    The desire of the consumer

    Curiosities and frequently asked questions

    Chapter 2: The ham

    Classification of hams

    Quality stamps

    How to choose a good ham

    Chapter 3: Preparing for cutting

    Utensils to make the cut

    Maintenance of knives

    Safety in the cut

    Chapter 4: The cut of the ham

    Where to start the ham

    Cleaning the ham

    Sliced ham

    Chapter 5: Presentation

    Circular presentation

    Rectangular presentation

    Creative presentation

    With the clamp or with the hand

    Annex 1: The cut of palette

    Annex 2: Complete cleaning of the ham



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