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    Cookies policy

    We inform you that for a correct operation of the web www.deligour.com, ownership and responsibility of PLATAFORMA D’AGENTS COMERCIALS SL, which acts under the trade name DELIGOUR, the navigation system uses some browsing data (“Cookies”) to be able to offer a more personalized service to the users of the web.

    “Cookies” are small text files that the browser saves when browsing through web pages and applications. You can obtain the information of the IP address used by the computer to connect to the web page, the URL of the requested web page, the time of connection and other parameters related to the operating system of the user’s computer environment. This information is only collected to identify the session in order to facilitate the analysis of the website.

    DELIGOUR on its website only uses “cookies” of the service offered by Google Analytics; which is a web page statistics service offered by Google, Inc. Google Analytics collects information from the user’s computer to obtain reports on the activity of the application; saving information stored on servers in the United States.

    In any case, in the event that personal data is collected -in this case only the IP access through Google’s cookies-, by virtue of the regulations of Protection of Personal Data, hereby authorizes to that the personal data facilitated are incorporated in the Marketing file responsibility of PLATAFORMA D ‘AGENTS COMERCIALS SL. and address to c. Computing, n. 1. Pol. Ind. La Drecera, 43470 La Selva del Camp (Tarragona). The purpose of this treatment is to manage the information that is captured through the online media. These data will not be transmitted to third parties and will be preserved whenever it is essential or legitimate for the purpose that was captured.

    In any case, it may indicate the revocation of the given consent, as well as exercise the rights of access, rectification or suppression, the limitation of the treatment or opposition, as well as the right to the portability of the data. These requests must be made in c. Computing, n. 1. Pol. Ind. La Drecera, 43470 La Selva del Camp (Tarragona) or deligour@deligour.com.

    You can also file a claim with the Spanish Data Protection Agency.

    The user is informed that Google may transmit this information to third parties when required by law, or when these third parties process the information on behalf of Google. Google will not associate the IP address of the user with any other data they have, and therefore they will do so completely anonymously.

    To refuse or eliminate this “cookie” you can consult the following address:


    In any case, the user can enable the option of their own navigation system to not allow the installation of cookies; without in any case PLATAFORMA D ‘AGENTS COMERCIALS SL. may be responsible for the disabling of Cookies that some of the services offered by this website not work properly.

    If you want more information about cookies and their way of uninhabiting them according to your navigation system, you can consult the following links:


    In addition you can also disable cookies from the browser you are using on your own device; being the steps to follow in the most used browsers:

    – Microsoft Internet Explorer, in the menu option Tools → Internet Options → Privacy → Configuration.
    – Firefox, in the menu option Tools → Options → Privacy → Cookies.
    – Chrome: Settings → Show advanced options → Privacy → Content settings.
    – Safari: Preferences → Security.

    Otherwise, and having informed PLATAFORMA D ‘AGENTS COMERCIALS SL. of the use of cookies, and without these having been disabled implies that the user gives his consent to the processing of data by Google in the manner provided in this notice and for the purposes described herein.

    In case of doubt or any comment, you can contact PLATAFORMA D ‘AGENTS COMERCIALS SL. through their means of attention to the public.

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  • Where we are?

    C/ Informática, Pol. Ind. La Drecera
    La Selva del Camp
    43470 Tarragona, Spain

  • Deligour guarantee

    Deligour guarantees that all Iberian hams and shoulders are selected one by one by professionals and all of them have been prepared by hand, without added additives or preservatives, with sea salt and cured in natural dryers. Its quality is assured.

    If you have any preference at the point of cure, please indicate it in the comments of the order.

    Buying Iberian ham in Deligour is a guarantee of quality and safety. Deligour does not work with Iberian pieces of Cebo (white bridle), all of them Iberian pigs that have been raised and fed intensively on farms, without ever treading the pasture and living in this way in continuous stress and artificial feeding.

    Deligour ensures and guarantees that all its Iberian products come from Iberian pigs that since birth, have been controlled in all stages of life for maximum quality, living in the freedom of the Dehesa and feeding naturally.

    Deligour also guarantees and ensures that all its pieces are 100% natural, have been prepared and cured naturally in traditional dryers and without any additive or added preservative. Its salting has been with 100% marine salt.

    Only Deligour can ensure that all its Iberian products are 100% natural.